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Back to the Basics

Sometimes we need to go back to basics. We need to revisit what we believe and why.

God knew that. That’s why we have written words, even from a period of mostly oral tradition. I love revisiting the first five books of the Bible. It’s where God first reveals Himself to mankind and it’s the foundation of my faith. Without those words, the New Testament doesn’t make much sense.

Seriously! If you read the New without understanding the Old, you will likely have a skewed concept – even of the Gospel. These ancient words tell of God’s wrath that we all need rescue from.

And there it is.

Only when we grasp the way God views even the slightest sin will we fully recognize our need for a Savior.

Deuteronomy 7:9 reminds us that the Lord our God really is truly God. He’s not another idol that sits mutely in our home or under a tree. Adonai, Jehovah, YHWH alone IS God. Once we get that settled deep within us, so much of life becomes clearer.

This verse also reminds us that God is faithful. Really, truly, in-every-circumstance faithful. He’s faithful when we obey Him and He’s faithful when we turn our back on Him. No matter what, God is a faithful God who keeps His covenant.

What’s a covenant you ask?
I’m so glad you don’t shy away from asking questions! It’s the best way to retain knowledge.

A covenant is a promise on steroids. It’s more than words. In the time of Moses, a promise could be given on a handshake, but a covenant required a sacrifice. The sacrificed animal would be laid out in halves with a path between. The two parties of the covenant would walk that path between the halves of the sacrifice signifying that their promise was unto death.

A covenant is not to be entered into lightly.

Here Moses declares that God keeps His covenant, not only to the ones He made it with, but with a thousand generations beyond. I believe that’s meant to include you and me.

And then… and THEN… ooh, y’all! Keep reading!

Then we are reminded that God LAVISHES His UNFAILING love on those of us who love Him and obey His commands (that’s our part of the covenant).

Can you just see God pouring out His unfailing (it never fails to be love) love on us until it has filled us up and overflows, flooding everything and everyone around us? Like syrup poured on waffles, every crevice filled, the syrup piling up on top of syrup until it runs over the sides, He lavishes us with His love – the greatest example of which is found in the Savior.

See, when God made His covenant with mankind, He knew they could not, would not keep it. He made these creatures, He knows them and all their thoughts and behaviors intimately. He knew they would not always love Him and they certainly would not always obey His commands.

Still, He keeps pouring out that unfailing love in the sacrifice of Jesus.

Let’s take some time today to remember the foundations upon which our faith is built. Let’s recognize the covenant God made and how He still, after thousands of years, maintains it. And let’s rejoice in the unrestrained lavishing of His unfailing love on us.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.