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Are you SURE you trust in the Lord?

“Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord GOD is the eternal Rock.”

Simple enough. I already trust Him. We’re good. Day’s done.

Are you sure? Did you trust Him for salvation and let that cover the rest?

What’s trusting in Him really look like?

Here are some descriptors from the Amplified Version:

• commit yourself to Him
• lean on Him
• hope confidently in Him

We’re told to trust confidently in God. Confidently as though everything He has ever said is absolute truth and already done.

When we feel confident, it changes us. We even walk differently. We stride, head up, eyes bright, shoulders back, with purpose. There’s no wandering to the confident walk – not to say a confident walk through the mall won’t include stops in the stores, just saying it will be done with purpose.

And people will notice. Sometimes they will stop and watch. It’s not something we see a lot of anymore, an authentically confident walk.

Apply that to our trust in God. We believe Him. We love Him. We trust Him with everything from our next breath to world matters. We trust in His sovereignty and His power. We lean in to hear what He has to say and we walk tall in that truth.

Imagine if someone stopped you to ask why you look so purposeful and confident. That’s a wide open door to tell that one about the Lord!!!

Oh, but you’re asking why you should trust Him so much that you would commit yourself to Him, lean on Him and hope in Him?

Again, we look at the Amplified Bible:

• He is your fortress
• He is your shield
• He is your banner
• He is an everlasting rock

Battle terms.
He is your place of safety from which to fight off the enemy.
He is your protection from the enemy’s weapons.
He is your flag that identifies and unifies you with other warriors in the battle against your common enemy, also creating a rallying point for refreshing and restoring in order to return to battle.
He is your everlasting rock – a steady, unyielding place of strength and safety. Everlasting, that no matter how much comes against Him, He never changes.

God knows we need help in this battle of life. The enemy comes to us only to steal, kill, and destroy. God provides us the strength, the sanctuary, the weapons, and the army to stand against that foe.

So, back to the original question: Are you sure that you trust the Lord?

Let’s work on that commitment, leaning in and hoping. Make a conscious decision and take action on it. Lift up your head and walk confidently in that trust.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.