Are you being undermined?

Every day we have a choice to make. Will we choose to be in right standing with God or will we choose to act against Him?

When we relentlessly choose righteousness—this being in right standing with God—we are afforded protection that comes no other way. He guides us, helps us make every choice, and chastises us when we choose poorly.

When we choose to follow our own nature, making choices that are anti-God, we are choosing wickedness.

Have you ever stood on the beach or on sand near a lake or river? When the water flows over your feet, the sand beneath them gives way. At first you feel that which is around your feet leave, then the edges of what remains are whittled away until where you’re standing is difficult because you’re standing on only a piece of what you began with.

Wickedness is like that water, coming in again and again, first washing away the goodness, the godliness, from around you—church, godly friends, scripture. It doesn’t stop there. It returns to wash away more and more of your foundation and what you know to be right and good. Soon, all you’re standing on is your own nature, making the choices that please you, not God.

Thankfully, that little bit of sand you have left is like the connection you still have to the Savior. His love. It never leaves you, never forsakes you, is always the same—no matter how far you’ve roamed, no matter what you’ve done.

He promises that if you confess your wrongs—agree with Him that you chose wrong over Him—He will not only forgive you, He will clean you up from all unrighteousness and place you back into right standing with Him. That’s grace, y’all.

If you’re walking in that righteousness, relish the truth that your way is guarded by the Almighty.

If you’ve fallen prey to wickedness and you feel yourself undermined and being overthrown, turn around and return to God.

Don’t wait! Don’t think things are going to get better on their own. Seek God and keep seeking Him.

Whew! Let me tell you, it doesn’t take a lot, does it, to get away from that right standing with God. When we say righteousness – when that’s what the scripture says, that’s what it’s talking is being able to stand before the judge in right standing, that there’s nothing that he can say bad on us. We’re staying – right standing with the Righteous One. And when we make one little choice that is against Him, that chooses us over Him that chooses somebody else over Him that chooses something else over him, we’ve stepped from the righteous right standing with Him, out of right standing with Him.

And there’s only way to get one way to get back to that right standing with Him. And that is to confess and repent. First John 1:9, if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to cleanse us of our sins, and to remove all unrighteousness. How amazing! How amazing. Our God doesn’t wait for us to get everything right. All we have to do is tell Him we messed up. And he makes everything right. What? Yeah, that’s how awesome he is. And that’s how much he loves us. So let’s think about this today. Let’s choose God over everything else so that we are not undermined and overthrown. Let’s let Christ rule in our lives in every way and choose Him every day, rather than choosing wickedness

Yeah, I’m with you. Let’s do it. I thank you for coming and looking at scripture and see how we can apply it to our everyday walking around lives. I appreciate you visiting with me for these. If you’re watching on YouTube, I hope that you will subscribe to my channel. Be sure and hit the notification bell so you’ll know when these things go up. Until next time, I am Faye Bryant. Bye!

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

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Faye Bryant

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