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A wise guy, huh?

We’re a pretty smart people, we of the 21st century. What we don’t already know, we can look up in moments with computers kept in our pockets.

We’ve traveled to space and back, explored the moon, sent robots to Mars. We’ve discovered how the human body works and also about animals. We’ve conquered so much knowledge!

We have not conquered wisdom, however.

Wisdom has been defined as the correct application of knowledge, experience, and good judgment.

While we may have a pocketful of answers, far too often we choose to apply those answers willy-nilly, throwing one after another against the wall to see what sticks – never mind who that toss hurts or if it was even truth.

God tells us not to be too impressed with our own wisdom. Apparently He knew that humans would incorrectly apply knowledge, experience, and good judgment. Ouch.

He tells us what to do instead of being puffed up about our own wisdom: fear Him and turn away from evil.

Sounds wise.

I mean, scripture tells us the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If we keep practicing that fear, we’ll grow wiser, don’t you think?

Here we are again. This isn’t the quaking-in-your-boots, believing-He’s-out-to-get-you fear. This is the fear you have when you understand how powerful and holy God is. He is demanding in that we can’t just stroll up into His presence while carrying one iota of sin. There are severe consequences for that choice.

So, when we employ that sort of fear to our every day, our getting up, going, coming, working, learning – everything, we begin to gather wisdom.

He also says to turn away from evil. Some translations add the word “entirely.” Seems there’s great wisdom in that act. See, when we turn FROM evil, we’re turning TO God.

Let’s seek wisdom today by fearing God and turning away from even the most minute choice that is anti-God. After we do that for a while, our correct application of knowledge, experience, and good judgment will grow and show.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.