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A Closet of Focused Solitude

“But we can pray anywhere, right?!” you lament.

Of course you can! Moses and Solomon prayed before the tabernacle. David prayed on the battlefield. It’s not about the place.

It’s about the focused solitude.

Jesus knows how easily distracted we are <squirrel!> and He knows we need the time with Him. Focused only on Him. <squirrel!>

That’s why I come here to my designated The Comfy Chair With A View where I keep my Bible and Journal. My family knows that if I am here, it’s my time alone with God.

It’s here that I can open my heart completely to share my deepest wounds, my hopes, concerns, and fears. It’s where I can read His Word and receive sustenance and encouragement. It’s where I can look out the window for an instant reminder of His greatness.

We all need a place. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be decorated. It can have a window or be fully a closet.

Whatever our prayer space, when it’s time for prayer, we need to enter it alone. We’ve got business to transact that no one else has a part in. We need to confess (agree with the Spirit about our words and actions) and repent (turn from those words and actions) and receive His will for us. No one else needs to be present for that.

Find your place of focused solitude, whether it’s on a rock in the woods or in a closet in your house. Go there regularly and seek Almighty God. Close the door to the rest of the world. Get real with Him. More real than ever before. Receive from Him correction and love and filling.

Then walk from that alone place with Him, hold your head up and set about doing what He told you to do. You know what that is better now, because you spent that alone time with Him.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.