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Worry and Anxiety

Worry and Anxiety.
They weigh a person down, even changing their posture and countenance. They overtake thoughts and kill ideas.

Depression sets in and takes over, causing physical distress as well as depriving the mind of truth.

Much of the hard work to shed these monsters is up to us. We can seek help through support groups, therapists, friends, and family. We can learn how to take those anxious thoughts and hand them over to Jesus and let Him handle them.

All of these are HARD, but choosing a path to healing is necessary.

As someone on the outside looking in, we have a part, too. And it doesn’t matter one iota if that person has done something for us or not.

We see a friend or coworker is stressed. We know they drink Coca-Cola.
We get a Coke and deliver it to them with a word of encouragement.

These four words put together in a sentence are so powerful, yet seem to be kept bottled up for special occasions. We need to let them out more often.


Give that one sinking in worry a smile. Sit down and listen to them without saying a word. Pray with them. Pray for them.

Tell them you believe in them – you believe they’ll finish that project on time and with excellence, you believe they’re a great person and can accomplish whatever they set their mind to. If you’re able, offer to help in some way, if it’s only to fetch another soda.

Words of cheer given to lift that one’s spirit. So inexpensive and so valuable.

Who can you offer words of cheer to today? Will you do it – even if it feels weird?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.