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While you’re awake…

In the Jewish culture in which King David lived, each day began at sunset and ended at the next sunset. So different from ours – we start in the middle of the night!

For the vast majority of those who David wrote to, their awake hours began at sunrise and neared their end at sunset. That means that in his words here, the king was telling people to praise God while they’re awake.

With that understanding, it takes away our flippant excuse that since we’re not up in the daytime we don’t have to go by this.

Almighty God is always worthy of our praise. That sun that’s rising and setting? He SPOKE it and all its operation into existence without aid.

What can you speak into existence without assistance?

Too often we put ourselves ahead of God in the praise department, not to mention in the obedience department.

It’s a simple difficult thing to do, this choice to praise God all the time.

I just got a raise. Praise God.
The car broke down. Praise God.
We had dinner with all our family. Praise God.
The traffic is horrible. Praise God.
We just closed on our new house. Praise God.
My child is sick. Praise God.
Our prodigal child has returned. Praise God.
My loved one died. Praise God.
My physical pain is gone. Praise God.
My life is a mess. Praise God.
We’re on vacation. Praise God.
The world is in chaos. Praise God.

When you read that, it looks like you’re praising God FOR all those things, including the bad and uncomfortable. In a way you are, because we know that no matter what God allows into our life, He will work it out for our good and His glory.  Still, it rankles to praise God for sickness or death that breaks our heart.

So, praise Him IN that circumstance.

You just heard the diagnosis. God hasn’t changed, but your circumstance has. Praise Him for being God and for walking through every step of this circumstance with you.

You’re standing at the casket of your dearest. God hasn’t changed. Praise Him in that place for being Sovereign and even though you don’t understand, you know He does.

We PRAISE God for who He is.
We THANK God for what He does.

When we confuse those, we can begin to see Him as this eternal vending machine, doling out blessings if we pour in the right amount of change consisting of gratitude and praise.

Today is the perfect day to check our hearts:

Am I praising God from the time I wake until I doze off for the night?
In what areas am I refusing to praise God because I don’t like the circumstances?
How will I correct that mindset?

The sun is up, y’all, let’s get to praising the One True and Living God!

Coffee, Bible, Journal.