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Which hand?

Seems crazy to say don’t let one hand know what the other is doing. I mean, it’s two hands, but one brain, right?

I’m certain Jesus understood that fact, too. He was using hyperbole (extreme exaggeration) to make a serious point.

Jesus had just condemned the hypocrites who announced their alms-giving and acts of mercy with trumpets and loud announcements. That shone the light on the giver, and Jesus said that would be their only reward.

Today this would be like us standing up in the church service and declaring, “I just gave an extra $100 to the mission in Kenya!” after the offering plate has passed. Imagine how disruptive that would be if everyone did that – drawing all attention from the Savior you’re there to worship.

I dare say, if we do that, we’re putting ourselves out there to be worshiped.

Not good at all.

I think God wants our acts of mercy and our giving to the needy to be an act of worship to Him – just between us and God. That our focus and that of others would be squarely on Him.

The next time you give alms – hand a couple bucks to someone in the street, finish paying that last $3.28 on someone’s grocery tab, drop money in the bucket for a far-off orphanage – don’t let anyone know. Let it be God who gets the recognition, not you.

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