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Where did we learn to love?

Where did human creativity come from?
The Creator of all things.

Mankind looked at creation and recreated drawings and statues and dolls and much more.

Where did human love come from?
The One who loved first and best.

God loved mankind even before He breathed life into Adam and formed Eve from Adam’s rib. He lovingly made all the parts a person would need, preparing them for life.

God made each person in His image, placing a great need for Him in all.

God showed His love through guidance and protection. He provided needs known and unknown.

Sounds like a loving parent, huh?

God revealed what love looks like so we could love, too.

Love is so much more than a feeling. It’s a choice. When people decided against God, He could have just mashed them, destroyed them. But He didn’t. He loved them. He gave them the chance, time and again, to choose Him. He chose to love the unlovely.

We feel emotional love well up in us at times – when we see our new baby, or our beloved spouse – but love is much more.

Sometimes we need to choose to sit right there next to the person whose aroma is less than pleasant so they will feel included.

Sometimes we need to give our time to visit with those who have less than we do. Not just hand them a meal, but talk with them.

Daily we need to do a better job of welcoming those who are different than we.

God showed us what love looked like and it’s a LOT more than the warm fuzzies. That’s the love we should be striving for.

Let’s make the choice today to love like Him and look for the opportunities to do so. Then, let’s DO it! Just jump in heart first and choose to demonstrate love to each person you meet.

Small ways…
• note your server’s name and use it. Ask them questions about them.
• thank the cashier for being there
• invite a marginalized coworker to join you for lunch, even if it’s just in the break room
• visit your neighbor with goodies that you stay to share as you converse
… as you choose to love, you’ll find ways to do so that fit in your everyday walking around life.

And the amazing thing is, you’ll reap benefits you never imagined.

Ready? Let’s do it!

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