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What is your source of hope?

What is the source of your hope?

Your paycheck? Your family? Your friends? The lottery?

Paul told the church at Rome that THE source of hope was God Himself. He is the only one who can fill us with joy and peace. That’s not the temporary kind like when family comes to visit or you get a bonus on your paycheck.

God’s joy is incomprehensible. We can’t explain it. It’s there in times of mourning and it’s there in times of excitement. We can’t tell anyone where it comes from, it just is.

In the same way, His peace is unexplainable. In the most turbulent moments of our lives, this peace fills us and walks with us. Heart, soul, and mind, this utter peace is like a blanket that fits around our deepest being and holds us close. Like God’s joy, we can’t tell you why or how it’s there, it just is.

Paul prayed for the believers in Rome, asking God to completely fill them with joy and peace because they believed in Him. These men and women were choosing God over Caesar, and putting their lives on the line to do so.

Do you need that confident hope Paul said would come as a result? Would you like to be able to hold your head up and KNOW who you are and why you exist, and that you have a real and important purpose for your life?

Let’s make changes today. Let’s utilize the paycheck, but hope in God alone. Let’s love family and friends, but seek God alone for our hope. If you choose to play the lottery, do so as though making a donation to the educational system, not as your hope.

As you do, be watchful! Be ready for that overflowing confidence from God. It will feel strange at first, but then it will be a feeling you never want to do without.


Coffee, Bible, Journal.