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What battle are YOU fighting today?

What battle are YOU fighting today?

These words were said to the Israelite people as the mighty Egyptian army chased after them in a fury. They were facing imminent and painful death.

God had led them out of their slavery, knowing Pharaoh would react this way. He knew His people would be scared. He knew they’d want to turn back to their comfortable place. The work was hard back where they’d come from, but they weren’t facing annihilation!

God knew, yet He didn’t stop it from happening.

Why is that?

We of limited finite sight need to see things before we understand. “Pictures or it didn’t happen” has become a phrase used often. The children of God needed the same. They needed to see the situation become more dire than they could imagine, then see their God handle the situation for them in a way they never could have conceived.

How gracious is our God to do that for them and for us, over and over.

Believer, no matter your battle, the Creator of the Universe knows you and what you’re facing and He is saying to you,

The Lord himself
will fight for you.
Just stay calm.

Let your heart and mind rest in the sure knowledge that God is bigger than whatever is coming against you and He is on your side. Listen closely to hear His instructions and follow them.

When you’re on the other side of your Red Sea moment, celebrate. Rejoice that God is who He says He is and He did what He said He would do.

Then remember that for next time and trust Him to fight for you instead of worrying how you will possibly manage it.

Today, instead of looking at the rushing warriors, the raging battle, the coming despair, let’s recognize that God sees us, loves us, and will fight for us. Knowing that to our core makes it easy to close our eyes and take a nap even with the pounding of hooves in our ears.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.