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The Power of Faith

Through faith. Start to finish.

God makes us right in His sight (righteousness).


The Gospel – Good News.

Friend, are you striving to be good enough for God to like you? Do you have a daily checklist of things you must accomplish in order to earn or keep your salvation?

Please receive these words birthed by God and penned by Paul. It is your faith that brings you to righteousness. It is your faith, given to you by God (Ephesians 2:8-9) that gives you life.

Put away the checklist. God has already declared that He loves you – in many ways. He came, died on a cross, rose again, and ascended into Heaven… FOR YOU. You don’t have to earn that. You CAN’T earn that.

If you must work, let it be on your faith. Strengthen it day by day, moment by moment. Read the scriptures, hang out with people of strong faith, worship together with other believers.

Rest, my friend. Your faith has made you righteous and will keep you righteous, start to finish. Life.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.