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The key to getting what you pray for

Jesus said, “But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted!”


I’m asking for a new car and a maid and a nice new house and …

Yeah, uhh, we have to look at this in context, y’all. Jesus isn’t a genie granting our every wish.

Jesus was telling his disciples (including us) about the importance of abiding in Him. He is infinitely more concerned that we abide so closely united with Him that others see little difference than He is about our material desires.


I tend to be the opposite, concerned about my own comfort more than being united with Him.

I’m sorry, Lord.

When we abide in Him, living united with Him, things happen. We become less absorbed in ourselves. Our reactions to situations become different, more like His. WE change.

Our wants, needs, and desires change.

When I’m not remaining united with Jesus, I see all the stuff I’m lacking, and very little actually satisfies me.

When I’m remaining close to Him, seeking His answers, it’s like seeing the same situations, but with corrective lenses. I see truth. I understand His plans a little better.

What He wants for us becomes what we ask Him for and it’s given us.

Let’s work on remaining today. Let’s hold tightly to our Savior and choose to be completely united with Him in every circumstance. He’s not changing or moving, so that’s on us.

Let’s choose to view our circumstances through His corrective lenses today so our thinking is corrected.


Coffee, Bible, Journal.