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The Book lasts forever.

Aren’t friends and family wonderful? Always there for us, always willing to listen and encourage and share truth with us? Always filled with integrity, never wavering, never lying – not even a little bit?

Unless they’re busy when we call, or unable to listen to us, can’t come up with the words to encourage us, and refuse to speak truth to us.

Unless we catch them in a lie or a betrayal of trust.

Basically, people disappoint us. They’re wonderful until they’re not. Peter said they’re like grass – beautifully green and lush in season, then withered and brown. He said people’s beauty is like those lovely flowers in the fields, here a few days, until their petals start to droop, the colors fade, and before long, the flower is gone. We’re like that, too. Thriving a while before we fade into obscured memory.

It’s a sad state, right?

Peter goes on to declare the Word of God remains forever.

This shows we have a choice to make. We must choose whom we will depend upon. We must choose in whom we will place our trust.

If we choose people, we will be disappointed at some point. Possibly irrevocably.

If we choose God’s Word, we will not be disappointed, because it will always tell us the same truth every time. It will give us deep, heartfelt encouragement every time. It will always be filled with integrity and never lie or betray us.

And if we choose God’s Word, we can release our people from the responsibility of being God for us and just love them for the people they are.

Make your choice today and then choose it again tomorrow and the day after until it’s a part of you.


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