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Tear ‘em down!

Many of us were taught that talking about faith topics is not a good idea, that it can cause problems between people.

Yet here is Paul saying that’s exactly what we SHOULD do!

In 2 Corinthians 10:3-4, Paul talks about how believers don’t fight fair in this war against an enemy who wants to destroy people’s very souls.

He says when we go up against strongholds of false religion, pride, and other obstacles to faith in Christ, we have divine power to destroy them. He goes on in verse 5 to declare that we destroy arguments and every lofty opinion (pride) that is raised against the Truth of God.

The final declaration is that we take all those false ideas and thoughts and premises captive and turn them around to become obedient to Christ.

Sounds like we’re supposed to be talking faith, huh?

I confess: I fail in this area. I don’t engage as I should to rebuke the lies the enemy has people wrapped up in. I think about the old “never argue politics or religion” adage and let those moments slip by.

It makes my heart hurt to think of those I’ve let slip away without visiting this subject!

I’m not saying we shake hands with a stranger and launch into salvations’s message. I AM saying we must be ready for those openings to share the Truth that is Jesus.

We must enter every day filled up with the Holy Spirit, prepared to use His power to share Truth and to refute every lie shared about Jesus.

The only way to do either of those is to spend time with Him, reading scripture and seeking Him and His will for us.

Our “I want” has to change.
My want has to shift over to what God wants, especially when my “I want” takes me on a path away from that one God is trying to rescue.

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to fill us to overflowing today so that people who come in contact with us are splashed by Him. May that open a conversation about our faith and may we use the divine power every believer has to remove every obstacle keeping that one from God.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.