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Sin of Omission is Sin

Sin is doing anything that God has said not to do, right?

Like lying or stealing or committing adultery. It’s doing the wrong things.

That’s true, but James shows us a different perspective:
“Remember, it is sin to know
what you ought to do and
then not do it.”

Rather than go through the vast list of things this would encompass, let’s summarize as Jesus did.

If we know it’s right to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and then we don’t, THAT is counted as sin.

If we know it’s right to love our neighbor as ourselves, then we don’t, THAT is counted as sin.

Big old heaping shovelfuls of sin piling up against us.

Let’s boil that down to today: What was the last thing God impressed on your heart to do? Teach a Sunday School class? Lead a Bible study? Quit your job? Get a job? Go on a mission trip? Serve at the local homeless shelter? Home school your children? Stop home schooling your children? Visit patients at the nursing home? Teach people your skills? Visit and help widows? Start a daycare? Give money to the homeless man on the sidewalk? Something else?

Have you done that?

If you haven’t, my friend, that is counted as sin to you. That’s a black mark on your accounting with God.

The good news is that Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection are for that sin, too. He says if we will confess our sins – agree with Him that those thoughts, actions, and inactions are sin – He will forgive every single one.

See, sin is more aptly described as disobedience to God. Every time we break one of His laws, we are disobeying Him. Every time we don’t do what He says, we’re disobeying Him.

If you’ve ignored God’s assignment for you, today is the day to confess and repent. Today is the day to receive His forgiveness, then to get busy doing what He told you to do.

Are you ready?


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