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More than we ask for

Jesus was teaching His disciples (followers) about prayer. He told them examples of shameless persistence and instruction to keep asking, seeking, and knocking, that each has its own reward.

Then he talked about parents, how they wouldn’t give the child who asks for something good something harmful. He noted that we’re such fallible, sinful folk and yet we wouldn’t do that.

He was telling them that the way He answers all that asking, seeking, and knocking will always be beneficial to us, never harmful. It may not look like what we thought we were asking for, but it will be exactly what we need.

Then today’s focus verse, “So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.”

That’s kind of confusing, huh? I mean, we weren’t talking about asking for the Holy Spirit, were we? I even went back a couple times and checked!

Then, that precious, amazing Spirit whispered to me, “I AM the answer to every prayer you pray.”


Every request,

  • healing
  • guidance
  • wisdom
  • discernment
  • provision
  • protection

… anything and everything
is answered
in the
Holy Spirit of Almighty God!

Whoa. Mind blown.

We ask, God gives us Himself.
We seek, God shows us Himself.
We knock, God opens us up to Himself.

In unlimited supply.

No matter how often we ask, seek, and knock, He is unlimited and He graces us with Himself in unlimited supply.

Oh, friend! That we could capture and hold on to this truth! That we could take our eyes off the here-and-now and gaze into the face of our God to see the compassion He gives!

“Lord, we need a new transmission for the truck.”

“I AM here.”

“Father, Dad is sick, please heal him.”

“I AM here.”

“God, please protect my children today.”

“I AM here.”

When God could simply speak all our needs into existence, instead He gives us Himself in infinite measure. In His presence is peace and joy and love – things we didn’t ask, seek, or knock for, but absolutely what we need.

I’m shaking my head with tears in my eyes at the wonder of our amazing God and how He answers our heartfelt prayers.

Let’s bask in His presence today. Let’s revel in the fact that instead of just giving us what we ask for, He comes to us and gives us so much more!

And as of right now, let’s shamelessly persist in seeking Him for every need we have and ask for others, too.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.