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Love your enemies.

“Love my enemies?
Pray for those who persecute me?
Are you sure about that, Jesus?”

“Yeah, I get that it’s easy to love my family – well most of them – and my friends, but they treat me well, but my enemies? You know how they are!”

“Wait, You’re saying I should get a better grasp on what an enemy is? That someone who disagrees with me isn’t really an enemy? That an enemy is one who seeks my demise? But what about HER, Jesus. She’s downright mean! She never agrees with me. She always cuts me off in conversation and never listens. If she does listen it’s only so she can prove my words wrong.”

“Okay, I’m looking it up. I think it’s pretty cool you led Mr. Webster to define words, by the way. Here we go: one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent; one that is antagonistic to another; adversary, antagonist, foe, hostile, opponent.”

“Okay, so we could say that SHE is an enemy. I get that now. Wait! You’re saying I have to love HER? Like L-O-V-E her? AND pray for her? Oh, I don’t know, Jesus, that’s just insane! I don’t even want to help her across the street, and you want me to actually love her? It’s impossible!!!”

“What? Oh. Yeah, I remember. With you anything is possible.”

Loving an enemy seems not only counterintuitive, but ridiculous. It’s not in our DNA. It is, however, in God’s.

When we surrender our entire selves to God, He loves through us. Even our enemies.

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