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It’s our own flaws

Ooh! What a verse to address the week before Thanksgiving!

See all that food laid out, some of the dishes holding food you only see once a year? It’s so tempting to fill your plate with a big helping of all of it, then of course, if it’s on your plate, you have to eat it all…

You see that attractive guy/gal at work everyday. You talk. You share about your life, he or she shares, too. You complain about your spouse to a listening, sympathetic ear. Laughter at your jokes, sadness at your sorrows … all the things that make you feel good inside. Before long you stop telling your spouse about your day because you’ve already vented to this coworker when you had drinks after work. Those after-work moments take more and more time, especially when you go for drinks at his/her place. A hug, a kiss, some cuddling…

Filling out those tax forms is such a pain! The government takes and takes! Maybe you could change this number right here to get a better deduction – no one will ever know…

None of these temptations were set before you by God. He is against gluttony, adultery, and lying. He would not set you up to have to face those or any other temptations.

Our own sinful nature does that for us. Lust of the eyes says add an extra piece of turkey. Lust of the flesh says one more kiss. Pride of life says I’m beyond reproach.

All these are in every one of us, part of our inheritance from Adam.

We must choose between following what our flawed flesh suggests and what God says is right. One leads to destruction, the other to righteousness.


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