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God’s Favor

Psalms 30:5 seems a bit strange standing there all by itself. It starts with “for” for goodness sake. There has to be something said prior to this to help make sense of these words.

Sure enough, verse 4 says, “Sing to the Lord, all you godly ones! Praise his holy name.”

And before that David speaks praises to God for holding him up and rescuing him from his foes. He extols the Lord for bringing him back from the brink of death. Then he turns to the people and reminds them to sing praises and give thanks to the Lord.

He says God’s anger is for a moment. Whoa. He was angry with Israel for 400 years at one stretch. That’s more than a moment!

Looking through the lens of eternity, it was just a moment. As believers, we need to look through that lens often. Our lives are but a brief blip on the timeline of eternity. If we will consider this, those delays we think are SO long and we comfort by speaking of God’s timing are really but a moment to Him. Another thing we’ll understand better when we’re with Him.

Then David says God’s favor is for a lifetime.

Uhh… what’s that mean?

I get it. I had to do some searching on that word “favor,” too. In that search I found two definitions:
• demonstrated delight
• tangible evidence that a person has the approval of the Lord

This is a gift believers receive when they have believed in the Lord Jesus.

The next part bothered me because I know several people who weep and mourn daily and have for a long time. Their weeping isn’t just for the night.

Back to that eternity thing, huh?

I remember six years ago when my husband was teetering at Death’s open door. That night was a long and dark one. I slept about ten minutes of each hour. Then morning light started sleeping through the blinds and though my beloved’s condition was the same, my heart felt lighter. Something about that old sun showing up that gives or renews hope.

Believer, whatever aches and burdens you’re bearing today, understand that God sees and knows. He knows not only what is happening and how you’re feeling, He knows His plan for you and it is good.

One of these days, dawn will break and your joy will be absolute and indescribable. Even now, you can envision each morning as a dose of joy for you directly from your Heavenly Father. You may still have the aches and burdens, but view each daybreak as God’s gift of hope to you. Take the time to joy in Him.

Let’s take up the lens of eternity and take a look at our lives. Let’s allow the realizations that come from that sink deep into our soul to recall when things seem grim and hopeless. Let’s also use those realizations to teach and encourage one another.


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