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Do. Love. Walk.

What the Lord requires of us:

DO right
LOVE mercy
WALK humbly with God

Seems simple enough.

The first problem is we have allowed “right” to be determined by someone other than God. “If it feels good, do it!”

The next thing? We get confused about what mercy is and use it as an excuse to allow others to walk in sin without reproach.

Finally, we have slacked off in our walk. We have become so busy that our walk is barely once a week, and then it’s led by someone else.

Let’s return to these things that please our Lord.

Let’s do what is right according to His Word, not our feelings or desires.

Let’s love mercy, offering forgiveness along with confronting sin and bad behavior.

Let’s walk humbly with God in the quiet of each day, examining His Word and letting it examine us.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.