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Do good. Share.

“Don’t forget.”
Isn’t it amazing that God knew we would?

In the verse before this, we are told to offer a continual sacrifice of praise to God through Jesus, thus proclaiming our allegiance to Him.

Then He says: and don’t forget this part either: do good and share.

Once again, the context tells us the writer, inspired by God Himself, is talking to the church about the church. We who belong to the fellowship of believers in Jesus must keep our eyes and ears open to the others in our fellowship so we can see when (not if) and where we can do good and share.

When we obey these commands, a few things happen:

• We prove that we love Jesus.
• Our continual praise honors God.
• Our allegiance to Him identifies us.
• Our sacrifices of praise, doing good,
and sharing please God.
• Those outside the fellowship of
believers take notice.

Let’s give this a try today, this continual praise of God through Jesus, declaring our allegiance to Him as we seek how to do good for those members of the “big C” church and help where needed.

Then let’s do it again tomorrow, too. Maybe the day after as well.

Oh! And be ready to explain to those who don’t understand the reasons why you’re doing these weird and radical loving things so they can join in.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.