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Be a zealous adherent for God

It’s a valid question, right? I mean, seriously, who would want to hurt you if you’re a zealous adherent for what is good?

Peter asked this question, knowing full well the persecution the believers were enduring. See, it was their love for Jesus that had them loving others and working for and doing good for them.

The people to whom Peter wrote had already been run out of their homeland of Israel and were scattered all around the area of modern-day Turkey. They knew what it was like to run for their lives.

Now, it would seem that Peter was giving them a “don’t worry, be happy” message here, but when we read on in Chapter 3, we see that’s not at all right.

He told them that even if they did suffer for doing right, they would be blessed. (These tortures don’t feel blessed, Pete, really!)

The culmination of these thoughts are wrapped up in Verse 15. When someone asks you about the insane hope you have in the face of imminent torture and death, be ready to tell them.

We don’t generally face that torture and death today, though there are those across our world who do. Still, there is chaos around us. Our cars break down, we or our family members fall ill, our houses are destroyed, our jobs are lost – so many things that can happen.

When we face these with the attitude that even so we are blessed, people will wonder what kind of crazy we are.

Hallelujah! This may be the door to their hearts that NEVER would have opened otherwise.

Be ready for it!!!

Tell the story about where your faith lies, about the One who holds you close and safe despite what the circumstances look like.

Perhaps the Holy Spirit is calling them and inviting them and your answers about your crazy hope will be the impetus for them to accept and move to Him.

So, yeah, there are those who would harm us for being zealous adherents for what is good. We see it in the news from time to time. But more likely folks will see us behave differently in crisis situations and want to know how it’s possible.

Let’s get ready now to be able to usher them into the Kingdom of God.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.