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Why do good deeds?

Many of us who are followers of Jesus are pretty good about doing good deeds.

There are some, however who do it to be noticed. There are some who may not do so blatantly, but they make sure everyone knows that THEY did THAT good deed.

Some plan out their good deeds, making sure to do them when the most people will see them.

Then there are those who go into good-deed stealth mode, like the fellow I know who mowed the yard of a couple for several months without them knowing who was doing it. The man was quite ill and the woman overwhelmed with just getting him cared for. The fellow with the mower worked to come and go when the couple was gone. When he was “caught,” he was able to explain that the Lord told him to help, so he did.

The things we do are important, but the why behind them, in God’s eyes, is much more so. He even instructs givers of tithes not to do so under compulsion with griping.

He doesn’t just want our hands and feet, y’all. Those who don’t know Him will feed the poor and help widows and orphans.


Every teeny-weeny particle of our hearts.

When our hearts are fully turned to Him, we see where good deeds need doing and we do them, caring only that God is glorified through them.

Christmas season is huge on the good deed scale. We get filled with the Christmas spirit and help everybody. Maybe it’s time we are filled with the Holy Spirit and do as God leads all the time.

Okay, now I’m going to sit down and examine me and my motives for helping people. I might need an attitude adjustment.
Anyone else?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.