Bring Faye to your next event

Selecting the right speaker is crucial. Choose the right one and your event is a smashing success. Choose the wrong one and you’ll hear about it for a very long time.

Faye will work with your team to make your next event the most memorable ever.

She has several talk topics that will challenge and motivate audiences. Feel free to choose one of them, knowing that she will customize the keynote or workshop to your unique audience.

If your theme is not on that list of topics, feel free to contact Faye to tailor her presentation to your specific audience. The aim is to deliver excellence for you and your people.

Man taking notes during message delivered by Faye Bryant

What You Can Expect

Excellence: Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and emails.

Preparation: A personal phone consultation with Faye prior to your event so she can better understand how to best serve you and your audience.

Partnership: An announcement about your event on Faye’s social media channels. (This assumes your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)

Results: A professionally prepared and dynamically delivered presentation. Faye will customize her message to your unique event and audience.

Satisfaction: A quick follow-up communication after the event to ensure satisfaction.

A Sample of Faye's Topics

Utilizing the visual of physically holding layers of baggage, Faye shares the story of her journey through the numerous traumas that kept her from realizing her worth or her purpose in life. See her explain the work of God to correct her view of herself and rid her of lies of the enemy to heal, live, and share His truth. 

Taking an honest inventory of your past can lead to a brighter future. Determining where we get tripped up and why equips us to deal with those triggers once and for all. Faye leads a two-day intensive designed to help trauma survivors and codependents move out of stagnation to life abundant.

You may feel like you’re a mess, unwanted, unloved, and unnecessary. God says differently. Faye will share the truth from God’s word that proves that you are someone He shows off. 

(talk or workshop/retreat)
We all have a purpose designed for us by God. Faye shares how to ditch your self-limiting beliefs, gain clarity on your purpose, and live it without fear. 

(talk or workshop)
As a certified coach, speaker, and trainer in the Unhackable movement based on the book by Kary Oberbrunner, Faye presents the truth about distractions and how to overcome them. You can live the life God intended without being sidelined somewhere along the way. When you know the solution, you are unlikely to repeat the same patterns, feeling stuck and frustrated. Isn’t it time you discovered how to live forward with focus?

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(church event, corporate event, women's retreat, workshop, seminar, keynote, small group)

Through scripture, you shared with us that God has designed for each and every one of us a true and meaningful purpose for our life. As you said, “No matter what detours come up in our lives, God has a purpose.”

Your testimony of your own journey touched all of us — so many blue chips were given, which indicates God is doing His work through you!

Thank you again for sharing so eloquently your love for our Lord and Savior.

Celebrate Recovery, Maryville, Tennessee

Faye has shared with us a number of times and with each visit we are blessed with a positive message and wonderful feedback from those who were here. 

–Matt Hall
Associate Pastor/Celebrate Recovery Pastor
First United Methodist Church, Maryville, Tennessee