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Soar! Run! Walk!

Isaiah wrote, “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

I don’t know about you, but I have clung to this promise before. When sinking in the despair of divorce, petrified by a diagnosis of Stage III Melanoma, failing under the weight of depression, I have held on to these words with what I thought was the last ounce of my being.

Our God is so faithful! He met me where I was, never minding the pit. He filled me with hope and lifted me out of the despair, fear, and depression and sent me soaring. How I thank Him for keeping His promises!

Sadly, though, I’ve seen people misconstrue this verse. They hold it up like a talisman that will ward off every evil. It’s not. It won’t.

Life is going on anyway. Good stuff happens to us and so does bad. Sickness will visit, accidents will happen, people will be people. All those are external.

This strength that Isaiah wrote about is all INTERNAL.

We’re not going to physically lift up and soar on air currents thousands of feet in the air, but we will experience new strength inside that will make us feel like we could. Our heavy hearts will be lifted from utter pain, shame, and despair to new heights of love, joy, and peace.

Oh, friend, have you been wishing you had just a little more energy to get through the crisis you’re facing today? Place your trust in the Lord – the One who made you.

Are you longing to feel whole again? Trust in the Lord.

No, now, don’t hear me wrongly. I said this isn’t a talisman, neither is it a magic spell that by saying, “I trust You, Lord” all the bad stuff disappears.

As with everything concerning us and God, it’s all about our heart position. Where are you seeking answers?
Who are you asking for help?
Who are you depending on?

Please hear me: I’m not saying to not see a doctor for your ailments. God has healed me of cancer twice through amazing physicians! I’m serious, it’s our heart position. I went to the doctors, believing they were tools through which God would take care of me. I don’t see the medical folks as my savior or healer, simply resources in the Master’s hand.

It’s time to evaluate ourselves. Where does our trust really lie? Are we depending on our bank accounts or God? Are we expecting relief through people or God? Where are we seeking happiness and hope?

Today, let us determine that our faith is fully in the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Then, when situations arise that make our heart skip a beat, let’s remind ourselves that our trust for that situation is in the Lord, and only Him. In that moment, ask HIM what your next step should be.

Decide today who you will trust in every situation – good and bad. Then, in every situation, do that.

Plan to soar, my friend. Soar, run, and walk with hope and joy that your Redeemer is worthy of your trust.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.