Ramblings From the Shower | Integrity, Faith, and Other Simple Yet Slippery Issues


What do you think about in the shower? And where do those thoughts take you?

In Ramblings from the Shower, author Faye Bryant shares some of the thoughts that have come her way during the mundane task of everyday hygiene, and how those thoughts have compelled her to ask, “What about this, God? What do You think?”

Follow along as Faye shares through personal experience and revelation her conclusions on just what God does think.

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Is it possible to “Be who you be”?

What does it mean to hear and follow “God’s Heartbeat”

Does God really have a sense of humor? Doe He really laugh?

From a modern day “Good Samaritan” story, through the sea of emotions accompanying a battle with melanoma, to an honest open-heart discussion of the pain of divorce, this author shares thoughts, wit, and wisdom gained from her many conversations with the Lord. Along the way you will read how she found comfort and hope in knowing that God is more interested in how we worship rather than what we wear, how we treat others rather than how we might appear, and how He wants us to trust Him that HE can do good in our lives, even when things look really, really bad.


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