Faye Bryant

Who has authority, power, and ownership over you?

This intrigues me: Why would God say He is holding us by our RIGHT hand? A little digging reveals that the right hand signifies authority, power, and ownership. If someone is claiming sovereignty over something or someone, they would hold it in or by the right hand. That’s nice, Faye, but what’s that have to […]

You won’t lose you. Let go, will ya?

Give your burdens to the Lord. Sounds simple, right? Just set down what’s bugging you and you’re done. Boom. That’s it. Then why are we walking around with all the weight of every yesterday of our past? Could it be that we lay our burdens on the Lord, but then we hold on to them, […]

Don’t worry about the small stuff like eating and drinking, you have more important things to take care of!

Jesus said that we’re not to worry. But He didn’t say it when the whole world is held captive by a microscopic virus! He didn’t say it when authorities seem to have gone wild. He didn’t say it when everyone had lost their jobs and the economy was at a breaking point. Uhh… yes, He […]

Choose Joy

Joyful. Full of joy. Regardless-of-circumstances joy. Beyond-happiness joy. Who doesn’t want that? And God gives us a two-step formula by which to achieve it! 1. Obey God’s laws.2. Search for Him wholeheartedly. Simple enough, right?Then why aren’t we believers joyful beyond description? Simply put, it must be we’re missing one of the two steps. Jeremiah […]

What does laying down your life look like?

With today being Memorial Day in America, the day we honor those who have fallen in the service of their country, this verse can easily be thought of as applying primarily to them. I know when my dad joined the Navy, it was to get away from rural Iowa to see the world, but when […]

Running Away: What you don’t know about escaping pain and trauma could hurt you

Thought #1 – Pain Is Real •Physical pain •Mental pain •Emotional pain •Spiritual pain Thought #2 – Running Away Doesn’t Ease Pain •If we run to another location, the reminders of the pain may be unseen, but they still exist •If we anesthestize with drugs, alcohol, shopping, porn, gambling, food, or other addictions, the pain […]

Hard work ==> EXCELLENT benefits

We often think of discipline as the consequence of wrongdoing. That’s painful, too. Yet it’s meant to draw us back onto the right path, into right behavior. Another form of discipline is that which teaches and trains us for the path. Training that keeps us on the path, growing in strength and confidence. I believe […]

Choose your harvest: life or death

When a farmer plants wheat, he does not harvest corn. When a gardener plants roses, she does not reap daisies. This principle is as old as time. What we put in is what we get out, multiplied. A couple kernels of corn placed into the ground brings out multiple ears of many kernels. Apostle Paul […]

Living Faith over Fear

It was their last night together. Judas had run off to do his thing. Jesus was telling the disciples that He was leaving, going to a place where they could not follow Him to right then. He said He would prepare a place for them so that when it was time, they would join Him […]

How is it, being a complacent Christian?

Revelation 3:20. A verse quite often used out of context. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard preachers say this is Jesus knocking on the door of the hearts of lost sinners in a salvation message. If we read the rest of the chapter, though, we find it isn’t that at all. […]

Have you chosen condemnation?

Some people read John 3:18 and think it shows that God really doesn’t love everyone unconditionally. I see it as God allowing mankind to choose their eternity. He has done all the hard work of providing the Way for people to walk away from that which keeps them from Him into a right standing with […]

Here’s how to find real and perfect peace

Perfect peace. Ahh! But wait. What’s that mean? It’s no more wars, right? No more conflict? Everyone agrees on every subject? I actually think perfect peace supercedes those. We haven’t seen the absence of wars, the end of conflict, and people most certainly don’t agree on much of anything, much less everything! Yet God says […]