Faye Bryant

You won’t HAVE to!

So many of the days of this year have seemed dark – when we look at them in the light of earthly thinking. Politics, culture, societal upheavals, riots, protests, anger, rage, so much darkness, and it has felt like the heaviest weight possible pressing down on us. But God… Jesus said that He is the […]

Lift the couch!

Share each other’s burdens????Doesn’t God realize I have enough of my own? Of course He does. He also knows that if you’re helping others carry their burdens and they’re helping you carry yours, the burdens are lighter and less likely to become overwhelming. Imagine carrying a couch. Alone you can maybe lift one end and […]

Rejoice, Be Patient, Pray

Paul wrote these words to the believers in Rome, encouraging them with a list of goals to achieve. Things like truly loving each other with genuine – not pretend – love, hating what is wrong/evil, honoring each other, not being lazy, working hard, serving the Lord enthusiastically, and blessing those that curse them, among others. […]

Learn, Hope, Realize

The Apostle Paul was writing to the believers in Rome, encouraging them to strive to please God rather than other people. That’s such a lovely trap to walk into, isn’t it? Learning the difference between being kind to someone and working overtime to please them is tough. Paul reminds believers then and now that this […]

God always has, always will.

Are you feeling unloved, unwanted, left out, alone, lonely, distressed, depressed? I have a word for all of us today. God spoke these words through Jeremiah the Prophet, in a time when He was punishing Israel for their poorest of choices – self and idols over Him. Their punishment was severe, the loss of everything […]

You’re not alone with your fears

How many times this year have you said something like, “The whole world has gone mad!”?  How many times have you felt like you are drowning, unable to catch a breath before going under once more?  How many times have you felt like you’re stuck in a vicious cycle and the only way out is […]

The Real Reason for the Season

Tis the season, and Jesus is the reason, right? What if I told you that’s not entirely so? Did your defenses just rise up within you? Hold on, let me explain. Jesus was born in Bethlehem and laid in that manger for one reason: to die on the cross for you and me. He would […]

Use things, love people

This verse sometimes feels like pressure to divest oneself of all savings and material goods; doesn’t it? I get that. I think that when we receive it that way, we’re missing Jesus’ bigger point. While we will live forever, some of the things we invest time and resources in will not. That doesn’t mean those […]

Looking back to go forward

Every once in a while, it’s good to revisit where we’ve been. Not to see how horrible we are, but to realize how far we’ve come. For me, in my health journey, I look back at photos of me in the first seven months of 2019 and look at the mirror now and I see […]

The power of words

I absolutely love worship songs that are straight from scripture! One of those is “The Blessing” from Elevation Worship.  The concepts in this verse are complex, I hope you follow along with me.  These words were spoken to the people of Israel by Aaron and his sons. These words were given by God to the […]

Leave evil in the rearview, race toward God!

Don’t you love instructions that are simple, do this, don’t do that? I sure do. I like to know what I’m supposed to do and avoid. Paul, the apostle, wrote these words to Timothy, telling him as a person of God to run from the wrong things and pursue the right ones. DON’T do, participate, […]

Step onto your God-path and walk. Finish the work assigned you by the Father.

We all want our lives to count for something, right? At the end of our lives, we want to know that we made a difference. We all want to have impact and influence. Paul did, too, and here we see that he had determined what that would look like.  Many of us are wandering and […]