Faye Bryant

How to show God you really love Him

How do we show God we love Him? Is it through prayer? Is it when we read the Bible every day? Or is it something more? Jesus said, “Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my Father will love them. And I will […]

When it’s all falling apart…LOOK UP!

The heavens declare the glory of God. Whether it’s brilliant thunderheads glistening in bright sunlight or dark, roiling storm clouds, we see His glory, His creativeness. It may be beautiful sunrises that gently ease light into the sky before suddenly bursting into day or amazing, colorful sunsets that elicit involuntary oohs and ahhs. Whatever we […]

No crying ever again

He [God] will wipe away every tear of His beloved. This vision fell in line after the Judgment Seat of Christ, where He will judge believers based on what they’ve done and said and neglected to do and say. It’s also after the Great White Throne Judgment when those whose names are not written in […]

Be patient. Seriously. BE patient.

The Apostle Paul wrote these words to the believers at Ephesus, begging them to live a life worthy of their calling, reminding them that they had been called by God Himself. Mind you, these words are written to those in an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. One of salvation and obedience to God. So, Believer, […]

Trust God with all Your Heart? Prove it.

“I trust Him with all my heart.” But do we? If we trust God with everything, why do we fear? Why do we worry? Why do we stay frozen and choose to not move forward in obedience to Him? Simply put, the words we’re saying aren’t reaching our reality. What would change in our lives […]

Choose your input

Who else finds they desperately want and need rest right now? I mean, not only are we dealing with the ‘usual’ – the things that have been our normal for a lifetime, but now we’re dealing with a sickness that has taken over the world for over three months, and now the state of affairs […]

When nothing seems solid and unshakable

What better way to strengthen someone than to set them on firm foundation? Solid ground. A place where the ground no longer shifts or shakes. When the Apostle Paul wrote these words to the believers at Thessalonica, the ground kept shaking under their feet. The Roman Empire sought to end this new Way by torturing […]

Waiting for answered prayer

Ooowee! Who’s got this patience thing down? Not me for sure! In Psalms 27, though, David isn’t talking about traffic or waiting for the mail to arrive. He is talking about answered prayer in the face of an encroaching enemy. How many of us have faced or are facing an enemy we are powerless against? […]

Get some Faith, Hope, and Love.

These words seem pretty simple and straightforward, but are they really? Let’s look at what the original Greek meant. See, sometimes in translation, we don’t get the full picture that the writer was painting. It’s like when the movie made for the big screen is cropped for the television screen. Some things are left out. […]

Who is YOUR shepherd?

What a testament, to tell God that He is one’s shepherd. David knew what it meant to be a shepherd. A labor-intensive job if ever there was one. It also required great mental intensity. The shepherd had to be on duty, keeping watch for attacks from predators as well as mistakes by the sheep. This […]

You must show intense, fervent, unfailing love for other believers

Peter, the apostle who had denied Christ three times then received the three-layered forgiveness and calling, the guy who walked on water with Jesus, the fellow who preached a message and over 3,000 received salvation, wrote to believers, homeless because of escalating Roman persecution. He told them that above all they must show intense, fervent, […]

The Master You’re Serving

Whatever you do…as though you were working for the Lord…. Whatever. That includes the unpaid things, too. So, whether you’re in the workplace (even if it’s an office in your house) or at home, whatever you do, do it as though Jesus was your boss. But Faye, you don’t understand! My boss is a real […]