The Grandma, Mom, and Me Saga


Every life has crises. What we do with those becomes our legacy.

Weaving a rich tale of faith and family, the Grandma, Mom, and Me Saga begins with Louise, a story of unbearable loss, unconditional love, and immeasurable endurance.

Louise Rafferty is born to a sharecropper in Southern Illinois. She is barely a year old when her mother dies of a terminal illness and her childhood innocence is stolen overnight. Her father remarries and moves the family to a farm in Northeast Arkansas, but along the way, her stepmother meets an unfortunate end, leaving Louise and her sister to care for the family.

Less than a decade after her mother’s death, Louise finds herself thrust into the role of cook and housekeeper and grows up wondering if her life will ever be more than domestic hardship.Life begins anew when she marries Dutch. After having seven children together, and building a mildly successful farm, Louise finally believes she has found true happiness. Until tragedy strikes once more.

Will she be able to keep the farm?How will she make ends meet for herself and her children?


Family ties are strong, but even the strongest can be broken.

Building on the story of faith and family, the Grandma, Mom, and Me Saga continues with Elaina, a story of devastating loss, constant lies, overwhelming betrayal, restorative love, and undiminished compassion.

Elaina Drew is the first daughter born to Dutch and Louise. Before she is a teen, death steals two of her loved ones and her life is changed forever.

Very young, she marries a man who promises her the world. They leave the country life she has known for the big city far from home. There she silently endures pain and treachery she never imagined. This tragic event separates her from her family by more than distance.

They say broken hearts heal over time, but what happens when you have your whole lifetime ahead of you?

Is it possible to begin again when all you have is nothing?

How do you live when there’s nothing worth living for?

The Grandma, Mom, and Me Saga comes to an end with Beth, a story of innocence lost, compounded lies, unbelievable betrayal, bullying, abuse, and irrepressible joy.

Beth Koebner is the only child of Vince and Elaina. Before she reaches middle school, she spends interminable hours in bars and lounges. Beth’s lifelong misunderstanding of her worth seems to draw bullies and abusers into her life.

Barely eighteen, she marries a man with big dreams and empty promises in an attempt to escape her life of lies and pain. They move far from home where she endures unimaginable embarrassment and betrayal. Finally, her world falls apart.

It’s been said that time heals all wounds, but what happens when the wounds are piled up through a lifetime?

Does Beth have enough time?