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Favoritism & Judgment Thoughts

Another Saturday Sit Down for every Christian woman who wants to become less judgmental and be in God’s will without being fake.

Let me explain…

Thought #1 – We All Judge. Yes, We Do. We all Feel Judged.
• We all want the people we see to be like God
• They are not God. They can’t be Him.
• We are not God. We can’t be Him.
• We, and the people around us are fallible humans, prone to say stupid, hurtful things. Still we expect them (and us) to say the right things at the right time for the right reasons. But even that is subjective. “Right” according to whom?

Thought #2 – Favoritism Is UNscriptural
• James 2:1-13 talks very explicitly about judgement and discrimination. I love James. He’s straightforward, no word-mincing with him.
• When we treat someone as less than ourselves, we are wrong… regardless if it’s because their skin color is different, their beliefs are different, they are fatter than societal norms, they are from places considered less evolved, they are richer or poorer than us, whatever. This even means when we treat them with pity and sorrow based on how they look, act, or where they come from.

Thought #3 – It’s All About R E S P E C T — A Choice
• God expects us to respect every human being on this planet, period. PERIOD. No matter what. That doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything they say. Nope. It doesn’t. It doesn’t mean we have to condone behavior that goes against God’s word. Nope. It doesn’t. It DOES mean that we MUST recognize them as a beautiful creation of God’s, made in HIS image, deemed by Him as worthy of salvation, worthy to join His Kingdom.
• We MUST make the choice in our every day to view every person we see as a beautiful image of God, deemed worthy by HIM of the greatest sacrifice of all time. Just like us. We must make this choice before we meet the next person. We must let it become soul deep, a core strength within us. When we do, we’ll be loving like Jesus did.

So, how should a Christian woman move forward from here?
1. Recognize we all judge. We all feel judged.
2. Understand we all want the people we see to be like God
3. Accept that favoritism and judgment is UNscriptural
4. Agree that it’s all about R E S P E C T … a choice.

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Running Away: What you don’t know about escaping pain and trauma could hurt you

Thought #1 – Pain Is Real

•Physical pain
•Mental pain
•Emotional pain
•Spiritual pain

Thought #2 – Running Away Doesn’t Ease Pain

•If we run to another location, the reminders of the pain may be unseen, but they still exist
•If we anesthestize with drugs, alcohol, shopping, porn, gambling, food, or other addictions, the pain is right there waiting when we come down from our high.
•If we hide away from people and places, the pain holds us captive.

Thought #3 – Dealing With The Pain Brings Healing And Freedom

•Lamentations 3:40: Let us examine our ways and test them and let us return to the Lord.
•Philippians 2:13: For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose

A few final points every woman needs to remember:

1.Running away from pain doesn’t ease it.
2.Anesthetizing pain doesn’t make it go away.
3.Hiding from pain only makes us captives to it.
4.We must feel the pain and deal with the pain so we can heal from the pain.

The thing to remember here is that you can escape pain and trauma once and for all without having to hide in fear or shame.

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Know the Truth: Learn What God Thinks of You

This is for every christian who wants to know what God thinks of you and live a meaningful life without having to live in shame.

Thought #1 – God Rescued You For A Reason
FOCUS Ephesians 2:4—10
Ephesians 2:7 says, ”So God can point to us in all future ages as examples of the incredible wealth of his grace and kindness toward us, as shown in all he has done for us who are united with Christ Jesus.”
God has known you since before time began. He’s known every step you’ve taken, every choice you’ve made —— before you entered a relationship with Him and after.
God chose YOU to be able to point to YOU in future ages as EXAMPLES of HIS incredible grace and kindness toward us. You were rescued to be an example.

Thought #2 – God Redeemed Completely From Your Past
Just like with the woman at the well who had had 5 husbands and was living with a man who wasn’t her husband, Jesus knew your sins, all of them.
He knew the price He would pay for your sins, and He did it. His death on the cross, burial, and resurrection bought you back, REDEEMED YOU. All of you. Not just the part you’ve remembered. Not just the not—so—bad parts.
Shame tells you that He didn’t REALLY know about this sin or that one.
Shame and condemnation are not of God. Those hurtful words are from the enemy of your soul and are meant to steal, kill, and destroy you. Meet those lies with the truth of these verses.

Thought #3 – God Calls You His Masterpiece
Ephesians 2:10, ’For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.’
What is a masterpiece?
When we look in museums, we see fine and beautiful works of creation that are mounted and displayed for all to see. Special cases, special lighting, sometimes even a bench nearby so you can sit longer and view the masterpiece for as long as you need to take it all in.
When we look in our families, we see precious drawings in crayon, pencil, and marker that we’ve mounted and displayed in the place of prominence: the refrigerator door. Magnets holding the creation made by loving hands for you to view as often as you like.
God points to you as an example. God calls you His masterpiece. He has you on display, perfect lighting, choice circumstances, His creation made by His loving hands, on display for all the world to see and know of His love.

1. You are uniquely created by Almighty God.
2. God rescued for a very special reason.
3. God redeemed you from your past. Completely.
4. God calls you His masterpiece.
You can know what God thinks of you without having to live in shame.

–EXCERPT FROM “Ramblings from the Shower | Integrity, Faith, and Other Simple Yet Slippery Issues” — If you liked this excerpt, you can grab the book over at https://fayebryant.host-co.in/author

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Foundations of Purpose

The Truth About Purpose Every Amazing Person Like YOU Needs to Know

In this new video we discuss fundamental purpose secrets that will help you know that your life has meaning. So if you want to start happening to life (without just letting life happen to you), check out this video right now! In this video, you’ll discover:

Thought #1 – You Are Uniquely Created By The Unequaled God
Jeremiah 1:5
Psalms 139:16
God knew every day of your life before you were even a twinkle in your mama’s eyes.

Thought #2 – You Were Designed For A Specific Purpose
He created you for a reason, a purpose, a life that only you can live.
God’s plan for all of mankind was birthed before He spoke anything into existence. That includes you.
Ps 139:13—15
Exodus 36:2 certain people were gifted by the Lord for the express purpose of building the Tabernacle
2 Corinthians 8:7

Thought #3 – You Haven’t Derailed Your Purpose
We feel like we’ve missed the boat God gave you a purpose, a plan, something to accomplish and He designed you specifically unique for that. Your divorce didn’t disqualify you.
Your addiction didn’t disqualify you.
Your straying didn’t disqualify you
Delayed perhaps. Disqualified, no.
God is waiting for you to recognize that you have a purpose and get moving in that purpose.
If you have sin/wrongdoing in your life, confess it and turn away from it.
If you need to learn about how to do what you’re called to do, learn!
The thing is, it’s time to get to work!

What I want you to take away from this video are:
1.) You are uniquely created by Almighty God.
2.) You are designed to live out the purpose for which He designed you.
3.) You haven’t derailed your purpose. You can start today: Confess, Repent, Live More

To learn more about how you can know your life has meaning and start happening to life instead of letting life happen to you, schedule a FREE 30-minute coaching consultation with me at fayebryant.com/coach. That’s at fayebryant.com/coach

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Let’s Talk about Contentment

What is contentment? How do you achieve it? What destroys it?

Let’s talk!

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Forgiveness: Characteristics of a Great YOU

Learn what forgiveness is NOT.

Learn what forgiveness IS.

Learn how to forgive.

Walk in freedom.

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The Spiritual Head of the Home?

A friend asked the question recently, “What does “the man being the spiritual head of your home” mean to you?”

I know there are many women who do not like the word “submission.” Not when it comes to their marriage, in the workplace or anywhere else. That’s Eve’s fault, ladies. We’ll be talking with her for a while about those choices she made that have affected us, right?

In our home, my husband being the spiritual head of our home means that he is an umbrella of protection between me and God. He has taken on being responsible to God for godly living for both of us. When I stray, he bears the consequence from God and when I thrive, he bears the blessings – as well as for his own walk.

It also means that when we have major decisions to be made, we discuss them. I provide all my research, thoughts, and opinions. Usually we’re on the same page, but sometimes we’re not.

That’s when I defer to his decision. That’s the submission part. In 29 years I have learned that I don’t have to be right, nor do I have to persuade my husband to join me on “my” side. I want us to both be on God’s side. That’s why I let go of the need to control our home and marriage.

When I have spiritual questions that I haven’t found answers for, I go to my beloved. If he doesn’t have an answer either, he will say so and we’ll both step back and pray for the answer. God is so faithful that it rarely takes more than a day or two for us to learn what He says.

I’ve lived with one husband who led me away from God, but my husband of 29 years as of Monday constantly leads me to God. He also takes care of me, watching out for me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I believe that this kind of spiritual leadership requires both the husband and the wife. We women have to let go and allow our husbands to be the men God died for them to be.

Now, I know that there are husbands who don’t take on the role assigned them by the Almighty. I get that and so did God when He had Peter write, “In the same way, you wives must accept the authority of your husbands. Then, even if some refuse to obey the Good News, your godly lives will speak to them without any words. They will be won over. ” You’ll find that in 1 Peter 3:1.

I think my ability to submit to my man is because I know he would die for me. He removes risk every chance he gets. He cheers me on. He gives up things he wants in order to give me the things that I want. (Sometimes I get him back, though.)

I’d love it if you’d share about your marriage and what you believe the “spiritual head of the home” looks like.