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Interview with Daphne V. Smith

I am excited to introduce my friend, Daphne V Smith, author of ????’? ???? ??????? ??????? ????????? ???? ?????, ??????? ???? ?????, ??????? ???? ?????.

The beautiful, confident woman you’ll see wasn’t always as you see her now. Shame from the past overshadowed her entire life. Her journey to her healing is what she shares in the book, principles and truths that will help anyone dealing with shame and anxiety.

If you or someone you love is struggling with memories of the past, get a copy of this book today.

Which hand?

Seems crazy to say don’t let one hand know what the other is doing. I mean, it’s two hands, but one brain, right?

I’m certain Jesus understood that fact, too. He was using hyperbole (extreme exaggeration) to make a serious point.

Jesus had just condemned the hypocrites who announced their alms-giving and acts of mercy with trumpets and loud announcements. That shone the light on the giver, and Jesus said that would be their only reward.

Today this would be like us standing up in the church service and declaring, “I just gave an extra $100 to the mission in Kenya!” after the offering plate has passed. Imagine how disruptive that would be if everyone did that – drawing all attention from the Savior you’re there to worship.

I dare say, if we do that, we’re putting ourselves out there to be worshiped.

Not good at all.

I think God wants our acts of mercy and our giving to the needy to be an act of worship to Him – just between us and God. That our focus and that of others would be squarely on Him.

The next time you give alms – hand a couple bucks to someone in the street, finish paying that last $3.28 on someone’s grocery tab, drop money in the bucket for a far-off orphanage – don’t let anyone know. Let it be God who gets the recognition, not you.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

From Elaina: a day off

Sometimes children end up taking on adult roles out of necessity. While they seem to be handling things, they really need to be allowed to be children as often as possible.

Elaina and her brother were given the gift of a day off by their grandparents.

What can we do to help our children and grandchildren enjoy no-adult-drama childhood?

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Interview with Lisa Rae Morris

Introducing Lisa Rae Morris – Author of ???? ????: ??? ?????????. Hear how she came up with the idea for this book and those planned to follow it.

Learn how this story holds life applications we can use today and in the future!

If you or your kids love to read, this one is perfect for you. Grab some copies here: https://amzn.to/2KZUnQV

Don’t be conquered

First God through Paul said, “Don’t be conquered by evil.”

Sounds like we’re in a defensive position, battling an onslaught of the enemy.

That can be scary. People react differently when these attacks occur. It’s the whole fight-or-flight thing. Some stand to do battle while others run for safety. Some even burrow down in safety, pulling the covers over their heads, plugging their ears, repeating ‘nah, nah, nah’.

Believer, if you are truly a follower of Jesus, you will suffer the same attacks He and his early followers did. He said so. Evil will come to take you over, and you need to be ready when it does.

There will be sneaky mind games where evil will try to convince you God didn’t REALLY mean… (remember Eve?).

There will be personal attacks, trying to discredit you and shake your confidence in Christ.

There will be sickness and pain – all designed to get you to stop believing in Christ.

God says you do not have to be conquered by that.

Matter of fact, He says YOU can conquer evil!! That’s the second point.

Wait! This sneak attacks? Those personal attacks? Those physical attacks?

Yes. You kick evil in the teeth every time you choose doing things God’s way instead of yours or the enemy’s.

If you live your everyday this way, filled with integrity, doing good, your reputation will help shield you from character attacks. Those who know you will rise up in your defense.

When you keep your mind focused on doing good as a sacrifice to Almighty God, it will be much less susceptible to assertions made by the enemy.

Imagine if every believer in Jesus followed these words, doing good in order to whip evil. The government wouldn’t need social aid programs, God’s people would take care of all that.

Imagine if every believer learned the Word well enough to be able to answer the deceitful tester as Jesus did in the wilderness. No doubts, only truth.

You and I are not responsible for what every believer does, only the one living in our skin. Let’s put that one to work doing good today.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

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Interview with Renee Vidor

May I interrupt your scrolling to introduce you to Renee Vidor? She’s the author of the forthcoming ????????? ??: ??? ?? ??? ?? ? ????? ?? ??????????.

Renee knows what it means to try to win through comparison and the damage it can do to mind, body, and spirit.

Hear her heart. Feel yours quicken as you learn she has ways for you to get out of the comparison game.

Watch for ????????? ??: ??? ?? ??? ?? ? ????? ?? ?????????? to come out in early 2020.

Jesus was Born to Die

Whew! So very late today. No. It’s not because I went fighting – err, shopping this morning. Bless y’all’s hearts who did.

For me, this day after Thanksgiving is when we prepare to usher in the Christmas season. We’ve seen the official entrance of Macy’s Santa, marking the opening of the Season.

As we open the season, I think it’s important to recall the why. We often hear “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” but then we focus on the Baby. The fact of His birth is amazing and wonderful, but I believe we must couple that with the why else the “Reason” doesn’t mean much.

The fact is, Jesus was born to die.

John wrote in what we call chapter 3, verse 17, that He didn’t come to condemn the world (people who don’t believe in and serve God), but to save them. See, they were already living under condemnation. Their journey was taking them further away from God until they died, when they would be fully separated from Him for all eternity.

Jesus was born of a virgin, grew up, and began His ministry of bringing people into God’s Kingdom. He gave Himself up to heinous torture and death in our place, paying for our sins with His sinless self. He could have stood in judgment of all who didn’t believe. Instead, He drew them to a safety only He could offer.

This, friends, is what Christmas is all about. Enjoy the baby in the manger, but please, please do so under the shadow of the cross.

It is the cross that sets us free.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

Interview with April T. Giauque

Introducing April Tribe Giauque, author Iof ????????? ?? ?????: ???????? ??? ????? ?? ?????, the story of her journey through domestic violence.

I can’t believe we talked over forty minutes, but as you listen to April, you’ll find her energy and her passion make you forget the time, too.

Be sure to grab a copy for yourself and anyone you know who is in an abusive situation. What April lived through can give them hope they desperately need. https://amzn.to/2L4kzK3

⁽ᴾˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵖᵃʳᵈᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗᵉᶜʰⁿⁱᶜᵃˡ ⁱˢˢᵘᵉˢ.⁾

Interview with Dr. Frank Kendralla

I am excited to present Dr. Frank Kendralla, author of ??? ??? ?????? ???? ???: ???’? ?? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ????? to you today.

Hear how events in his life brought this book to life, stories of stress and poor choices giving way to redemption and restoration.

Know someone whose life is wrapped up in work to the point they’re missing real life? Grab a copy for them and one for you, too! https://amzn.to/2Oe7BeG

⁽ᴾˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵖᵃʳᵈᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗᵉᶜʰⁿⁱᶜᵃˡ ⁱˢˢᵘᵉˢ!⁾

Temporary vs Eternal Treasure

When I was a teen, I thought this verse so harsh. I mean, I had my whole life in front of me and I wasn’t supposed to collect any earthly treasures?

As an adult with some earthly treasures to steward, I realize that Jesus was once again talking about our heart position. What is our heart and mind focused on?

We have a nice car and a snug home. I’m looking at antique bowls from which my dad and I used to eat ice cream. I have my mother’s jewelry tucked into a safe.

Thing is, my mind isn’t focused on those things. I mean, we take care of the car and the house and it would hurt if something happened to either one, but it would be a here-and-now grief. It wouldn’t be as horrible as realizing that friend or family member I was supposed to talk to about the Lord didn’t make it to Heaven.

What this does tell me is that I have to be mindful of the minutes of my life. I must make the most of every opportunity to serve and love so that others will see something different in me and ask what that is.

It means sacrifice – willingly giving up my time and energy to be who God designed me to be in order to reach those He wants me to reach.

Like when a freshly woken granddaughter comes to the place of Bible study and prayer and snuggles into the chair with you. It’s crowded and difficult to put together a picture for the devotion, but it is so delicious a moment! When she asks what you’re doing, you talk about the verse and what it says. Intentionally.

Unlike the house, car, bowls, and jewelry, those souls are eternal and cannot be destroyed, not even by the fierce enemy of them.

Where’s your focus?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

Interview with Nicole Smith

Today’s author interview is with the lovely, energetic Nicole Smith, author of ???? ??!: ???????????? ?????? ???? ??????.

Nicole is a single mom who had a huge dream. Hear in her words how her dream led to the book.

If you or someone you know is struggling with sorrow and depression because of not making the cut, this book is for you. Grab a copy today https://amzn.to/34fjTZP

⁽ᴾˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵖᵃʳᵈᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗᵉᶜʰⁿⁱᶜᵃˡ ⁱˢˢᵘᵉˢ!⁾

Dear Friend…

The apostle John wrote to a beloved friend at one of the churches he oversaw in Asia Minor. His greeting to his friend is a precious one, filled with love and respect.

As I read these words, I think about how we believers support one another. Sadly, I’ve seen it too often that close friends become separated if one no longer attends the same church or moves to a different area. They plan to stay in communication, but “out of sight, out of mind” becomes the rule of the day. I am SO guilty of this!

In John’s words in chapter one, we can tell that when the traveling teachers returned, he was asking for news about Gaius. He wanted to know how his health was and loved hearing about the strength of his faith.

As true friends, we really care about those we call friend. We seek reports on how they are doing, what’s going on where they are, and how their faith is doing. We should never do this from a place of being nosy, but from wanting to be encouraging.

“Well, they’ve never contacted ME, why should I go first?!?”

One question before I answer: Are you a follower of Jesus?

If you said yes, you are instructed to love other believers. It doesn’t say “return love,” it says love, period. Matter of fact, this love shows the lost and dying world that you are that follower of Jesus.

Who do you need to contact? Maybe drop a card or email to? Make a phone call to? Who do you need to love enough to care about their health and their spiritual well being?

Time to take action!

Coffee, Bible, Journal.