Celebrate or Share, it’s one or the other.

“Go into all the world,” the resurrected Jesus said as He talked with His followers, “telling them the Good News.”

I’m pretty sure He didn’t mean they had to leave their country to begin telling of His free gift of salvation that gives eternal life. Going means starting where you are and moving forward from there.

Going into all the world to share the truth of our hopelessly lost condition and the Hope of our rescue from it starts at our door.

I don’t know about you, but it has often been easier to share the Gospel in places far from home, because those folks don’t know me and see me making endlessly poor choices. As I’ve drawn nearer to the Lord, though, my choices have gotten better and my behavior as well.

Regardless what we feel, we’re supposed to share. Whenever. Wherever. Whoever.

And that “everyone”? Yeah, that really means everyone. Like, every single person. Including the one who hurt you so deeply you can’t breathe just thinking of them. It’s so hard, but Jesus doesn’t want that person to spend eternity away from Him. And if we’re trying to be like our Savior, we shouldn’t want that either.

Forgiveness is powerful. It doesn’t do anything for that other person. It’s all about the one giving it. Forgiving that one who hurt you releases you from the power of that person. And choosing to share the good news with that one is you being like your Savior.

Mind you, I’m not saying to put yourself into a dangerous situation with an abuser or to ignore any restraining orders in place for your protection. I am saying, in time, your “everyone” will include that person—even if all you’re able to do is pray for them to know Jesus.

Let’s give it a try today. Take a heartbeat to look around you. Who is there? Are they believers? If so, celebrate the Savior with them. If not, share the Savior with them. If they reject your sharing, do not receive that rejection as your own. They are rejecting the One who died for them. You keep on going around the world sharing the Life they all need.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

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