Faye Bryant

The Greatest Christmas Gift We Can Give Ourselves

“Glory to God in the highest heavens,” the angel announced, then declared “peace on earth.”

Does that seem like those two things are connected?

Work with me here. ?

We who are believers in God, understand that He is in heaven, He IS God, and He is deserving of all glory, honor, and praise.

I believe it is when we allow Him His rightful place in our lives all the time we have that peace within us. Extrapolate that to the entire earth. If all who believe were to allow Him His rightful place in our lives all the time, the earth would be filled with His peace such that the hopeless and lost would see Him and long for Him.

Perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves this Christmas is to completely exit the throne of our lives and invite God to have a permanent seat there. This gift would exponentially affect everyone around us and even to the ends of the earth.

Coffee, Bible, Journal

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