Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.

Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.

We are so knowledgeable nowadays. And what we don’t know, we can search for online in seconds.

Wisdom is different. It has been described at the right application of knowledge.

Right, to some, is subjective. To God it is not. The right way is His way with no wavering. Thus, wisdom is when we have knowledge and apply it according to His will and way to the situations before us.

You are human. Your thoughts always, always come back to your favorite person: you. Don’t hear that as a condemnation. My favorite person, no matter how much I try to deny it, is me. Same for everyone.

That said, it is quite easy to attribute our wisdom to ourselves and forget that it is a divine gift. We think we’re applying our vast knowledge correctly, when in reality we’re allowing culture to influence it. We all do this!

Solomon was the wisest man ever according to God. He’s the one who wrote these words, “Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.”

We need to be careful to not seek wisdom in ourselves, but in God alone. We must understand that He is the One who gives life and takes it away. He is the One who gives us every good gift we have. He is the one who has care of our very souls and He loves us beyond our comprehension. HE is the one we must turn to as we turn away from the evil that hates Him AND us and seeks only our destruction.

Wisdom knows the difference between the two.

As we approach every moment of every day, let’s do so with the intent of abhorring evil and turning to and trusting God for the knowledge and wisdom within us. Let us once again renounce our ownership and sovereignty over us and place it into the hands of the Almighty, and when we encounter evil, even when it is disguised as good, let us turn away to see God instead.

Let’s start today!

Coffee, Bible, Journal.