Faye Bryant

The Truth About the Right Focus Every Christian Needs

Saturday Sit Down with Faye

New The Right Focus video for every Christian who wants to live a focused life and peace & happiness without having to spend a dime.

We’ll Cover…
#1 – Choice
#2 – Our Minds Are Under Siege
#3 – It’s Okay To Tune Out

#1 – Choice
We choose where our mind goes. God said to capture our thoughts, which means we can. We should manage our thoughts. Sometimes we let our thoughts manage us.

#2 – Our Minds Are Under Siege
A siege is a constant, upfront, in-your-face onslaught or attack Ads per day: 70s: 500-1600 per day 2007: up to 5,000 per day 2020: between 6,000 and 10,000 every single day. Any wonder we can’t make decisions? We have to make hundreds of decisions each day just about food!

Thought #3 – It’s Okay To Tune Out
Who here checks their phone before getting out of bed in the mornings? Who here is working on their computer only to pick up their phone to check on social media or email? But we’re working, right? We’re back to CHOICE.

  • We have to CHOOSE to turn the phone off, put it in another room, leave it alone.
  • We have to CHOOSE to mute commercials or do something else during them (get up and walk or make preparations to help the next day).
  • We have to CHOOSE to listen to our people instead of input from outside.
  • We have to CHOOSE to focus on God and our response to Him instead of the external.
  • We should CHOOSE to sit in absolute silence for at least 10 minutes daily. If your mind wanders, so be it, but shut off the external input.

So, here’s the bottom line…
We get to choose where our mind rests and what we allow in. Our minds are under siege and we have to ramp up the battle. It’s okay to tune out. The big takeaway here is that you can live a focused life without having to spend a dime.

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