Faye Bryant

God was pleased to create chiggers and spiders, oh my!

We humans are pretty fickle creatures. We look at all creation and deem some of it very good, beautiful, and useful and others we call bad, ugly, and useless.

For example, chiggers are those little red bugs that seem to love to use me as their larvae feeding site. I can spend 5 minutes with 100 other people in a space where the mites live and be the only one who is attacked. (I’m just that delicious, I guess…) I get to spend a few days getting rid of the irritation these guys bring about. I do not like chiggers. I see no use for them. I do not consider them lovely or friends.


God created them. I don’t know why, but He created what He pleased and for some reason He saw them as pleasing. Who am I to call them the spawn of Satan sent to destroy me? (Yes, I’ve actually said that.)

God created the beauty we see, verdant forests, incredible waterfalls, tall mesas, graceful giraffes, fun monkeys and otters. He also created the deserts, the snow, spiders, cockroaches, chiggers and us. And HE sees all of that as pleasing.

Let’s try giving God the glory, honor, and praise He deserves for ALL He has created today…. even the chiggers.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

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