Faye Bryant

Trust God with all Your Heart? Prove it.

“I trust Him with all my heart.”

But do we? If we trust God with everything, why do we fear? Why do we worry? Why do we stay frozen and choose to not move forward in obedience to Him?

Simply put, the words we’re saying aren’t reaching our reality.

What would change in our lives if instead of all the “What if I fail?” speeches we give ourselves we said, “I trust God fully for the outcome.”?

I think we’d become much more obedient, much better disciples, and much more effective in building His kingdom. 

Dare I say that when we don’t follow up our “I trust Him with all my heart” with the actions that prove it, we’re choosing to be more concerned with our own kingdoms? Yes, I think I’ll leave that right there.

We who are believers must get past the what-will-happen-to-me-if-I-try mentality and be more like Peter. We must jump out of the boat to meet our Savior, remembering that just like with Peter, if we fall short, He will lift us up and save us. It is our faith that will draw others to the Lord, much more so than our words.

What do you say? Shall we start walking in trustful obedience to the Almighty? Shall we capture every “what-if” and replace it with “I trust God, period.”? Shall we walk in complete victory? I’m ready. Join me?

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