Faye Bryant

Don’t worry about the small stuff like eating and drinking, you have more important things to take care of!

Jesus said that we’re not to worry. But He didn’t say it when the whole world is held captive by a microscopic virus! He didn’t say it when authorities seem to have gone wild. He didn’t say it when everyone had lost their jobs and the economy was at a breaking point.

Uhh… yes, He did. Leprosy caused a whole segment of people to be sick and completely quarantined away from healthy people. Authorities? Hello…the Caesars? And begging had become an occupation.

Yes, He spoke these things in the same sort of times we’re experiencing right now, so we should accept they’re meant for us today, too.

His point was that we are more than our physical bodies. We are more than our circumstances. We are more. We are soul, spirit, mind, and body. We are eternal beings, made for a purpose and God is not ignorant of where He has placed us at the time He has done so.

We must be as concerned about feeding our souls, spirits, and minds as we are our physical bodies. Reading the scriptures, prayer, corporate gatherings with other believers, study of the Word are all necessary to our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. When we neglect these, we become unhealthy to our core.

We tend to feed our bodies several times a day because we use up the fuel we put in. Maybe we should be just as intentional about fueling the soul, spirit, and mind for the same reason.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

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