Faye Bryant

God’s Masterpiece

Everyone ever born or who will be born on Planet Earth has a divine purpose. One for which they were created by Almighty God.

Some choose to accept that purpose and live in it, trusting their Creator. Others choose to go their own way and deny the Artist.

Those who believe and accept the sacrifice of Jesus on their behalf are created anew, ready to move forward in their unique purpose.

Believer, you have a specific purpose – a reason for being. You were made for this time, in this place, among these people to be who He died for you to be. Do you know what that purpose is?

God doesn’t make a bunch of little robots, all carrying out the same purpose in this world. He created MASTERPIECES, each one stunningly beautiful with many layers and facets.

That is you, my friend.

A masterpiece of God.

What does one do with a masterpiece? Hide it in a darkened room? Keep it from the world’s eyes? Group it together with other masterpieces behind closed doors, then mask it when taking it out?


A masterpiece is placed where it will be seen, a place where the Owner takes others to show off His pride and joy.

This is you, Believer. You are God’s masterpiece, placed where God can show you off as you walk and live in the purpose He designed you for.

Too often we think God doesn’t even know us, that we’re one among zillions, that perhaps God has some powerhouses and little old us doesn’t measure up.

Believer! Lift up your head!


You were planned, as was your purpose. You were expected. You were celebrated. You are loved and valued. Anything or anyone who tells you differently lies.

Walk in this truth today, knowing that God is showing you off, Believer. If you don’t know why He created you, ask Him. Earnestly ask what you’re here for. He won’t hide it from you.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.