Faye Bryant

When health and spirit fail

I’ve had two bouts with cancer.
I lived with depression for a lot of years.

I feel this verse so much. Hearing the words, “we found cancer” is terrifying. For me the world went into super slow motion – or maybe it was super fast. It was a blur all around me. I didn’t know what to say. I was hit-by-a-truck stunned.

Some days the darkness of depression dragged my spirit so low that daylight was just a dream.

In all of this, I still knew my strength. God never left me. He held me when I cried great gulping tears of fright and anguish.

Here’s truth for today: as a believer, you’re never alone. Once you’ve chosen that relationship with God through salvation found only in Jesus, God is with you. He’s there. And He knows better than any oncologist or psychologist what you need the most.

Understand: I am not saying to not go to the doctors who can help you. I’m saying to realize you always have a companion when you go, and since He made you He knows what you really need and we should listen to Him.

Peace and hope are found in the words of Psalms 73:26. We just need to realize the truth there.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.