Faye Bryant

Learn what is right.

How many times have you watched the news and wondered why those people hurting others would do that?

How many times have you seen church folk behaving like worldly folk and wonder how they can’t see what they’re doing to their witness?

Isaiah said it: ONLY when God comes to judge the earth will people really understand right. Only then, as God judges people will they fully see how their choices lined up with God’s.

Thing is, as I understand it, that will be too late for us to do anything about those choices and behaviors.

We can do something here and now, though. We can use God’s Word as a measure. We have to know what it says so we can look at the choice we’re about to make and see how it lines up with God’s plumb line. If it doesn’t, we need to make a better choice.

As a part of learning His Word, we seek Him. Not just on Sundays, but throughout every day and night. Seek Him earnestly and authentically. Not looking for bypasses or excuses, but searching for Him and His Truth in all matters.

When we make these choices, we are more apt to do the things that will please God and have a closer understanding of what is right – what puts us in right standing with God.

Today, let’s be brave and ask God to get our attention and show us any places we are not in right standing with Him. Then we must take the steps to change.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.