Faye Bryant

Hang with the wise, avoid the foolish

Seems simple enough, right? Hang with the wise and avoid the foolish. Boom. We’re done. Have a great day.

There is one thing, though. How do we know if *that* person or group are wise or foolish?

Aha! Seems that’s where the work comes in.

Actually, that answer is pretty simple, too. The closer we walk with Jesus, the easier the identification of wise and foolish. The Holy Spirit in us will bump us to go toward one and avoid the other.

Our problem is listening to Him instead of our own wants and desires. Once again, we have to let go of the reins of our lives and remain in Him (John 15)

Just like Joshua and the children of Israel, we have to choose today who we will serve: Jesus or self. One leads to wisdom, the other to folly.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.