Faye Bryant

How do I listen to my body when I don’t speak its language?

I’ve heard all kinds of people say “listen to your body.”

I get that. We need to pay attention when our bodies say they are tired or running without fuel.

Since my surgery I have been trying to listen to my body. Most of the time it’s saying, “I’m cold! Cover me up!” (Seems that when your body is operating by using your fat stores, you feel cold.)

Otherwise, my body keeps saying “I’m sick! Get a bucket!”

What I’ve learned is that that can be interpreted in different ways. Crazy, huh?

I don’t feel hunger like I used to. The way my body declares its need for food is …. you guessed it: nausea.

If I eat too much, I feel nauseous. That’s kinda normal, I guess, it’s just that it happens quicker now.

If I get too hot, I will get extremely nauseous.

See? I need an interpreter. Anyone speak post-bariatric surgery nausea?

The good news is, I’ve lost almost 50 pounds since February. I’m grateful that I’ve kept those clothes from several years ago “just in case.” It’s like having a new wardrobe for free.

I’m also healthy. It’s easy to become dehydrated and thus far I am avoiding it. That’s a hallelujah!

What are ways you’ve learned to listen to your body?