Thirst for God?

Thirst for God?

Thirsting for God?

Like when I’m so thirsty I’m willing to turn on the water hose and look past the rubbery taste of the cool, clear liquid refreshment streaming forth?

Like when I don’t care if the tea is sweet or unsweet, I just want that golden liquid racing across my tongue?

Like when the temperature of the water doesn’t matter, just give it to me?

Thirsting for God like that?
Not caring what I have to do to get near Him or where I have to go to be with Him or who I’m around?

Honestly, sometimes
I’m not there.

And to think about standing before Him?
Oh my! What was it I said today? Oh, those thoughts weren’t very godly.

Maybe we could put this meeting where I stand before God off until I get this stuff handled…

No. Let’s don’t.

Let’s wrap ourselves up in the righteousness of God in Christ and walk right up to the throne of God where we’ve been invited.

Let’s do so, not in the confidence of our own righteousness, but in that of our risen Lord Jesus.

Let’s begin with this next breath to live in that righteousness so that we CAN look forward to that moment we will stand before Almighty God.

Let’s give up our rights and surrender to live the life God designed for us so we can thirst for Him and look forward expectantly to that meeting.

Are you ready?


Coffee, Bible, Journal.